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Abstract art paintings, famous artists
Abstract art gallery with paintings, biographies and art history. Featuring lesser known, but groundbreaking abstract artists.

Age Fine Arts (Russia)
20th Century Russian Art of the Soviet Age: Hidden Treasures.

Amadeus Art (Holland)
There's a large amount of paintings, giclees, sculptures, nummered and signed artobjects of high-grade ceramic with works of exclusive artists.

Agora Gallery (U.S.A.)
Agora Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, located in Soho NYC, NY.

APRIL Group Fine Arts (Russia)
Unknown Socialist Realism. Russian Art of the Soviet Era.

Art Bridge (U.S.A.)
Comprehensive directory and searchable database of art resources on the Web covers artists, animation galleries, architecture guides, crafts, art museums, photography, digital art, etc.

Art-gallery "ART-VOLGA" (Russia)
Russian online art gallery. Original art by contemporary Russian artists.

Artist Directory (U.S.A.)
Original Art Deco Paintings, and be sure to visit the Art of Gardening, Shopping, & Travel. The most useful and unique directory on the internet!

A.Vitali Komarov impressionist art inspired by Van Gogh
Visit the art of painter Vitali Komarov: original impressionist oil paintings inspired by Van Gogh, including landscapes and still lifes with flowers and fruits.

Bayon, Marie-Blanche (France)
With Marie-Blanche Bayon, animal, plant and mineral blend freely and naturally, and carry us into a mysterious and poetic world. Her paintings reflect her creative personality as well as the high know-how of an Artist who masters to the perfection her art.

Belanger, Christine (Canada)
Canadian artist Christine Belanger creates high quality portraits and drawings in soft pastels.

Bledsoe, Berle (U.S.A.)
"Berle's Art Ring" and the join "this ring button" can be found here.
Brougham, David (Canada)
Canadian Watercolour Artist - David Brougham is an award winning Canadian artist who works primarily in Watercolours. David is one of three Canadian artists who have been chosen to represent Canada at the prestigious Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy.

Brunotti, Silvana (Italy)

Buchenholz, Susan (U.S.A.)
"Art is the key to magic, an opportunity to enter realms which are otherwise inaccessible to us."

Dea, Joseph (U.S.A.)
Paintings from photos of your pet, dog, cat, family or home by Portrait Artist Joseph. Turning your photos into frameable fine art portrait paintings on canvas.

Clamage, Marc (U.S.A.)
Marc Clamage Fine Arts - paints in oils, primarily landscapes, portraits and nudes.

Collect Art (UK)
Based in the UK, Collect Art offers limited edition prints and paintings, by various artists including Mackenzie Thorpe, Beryl Cook Govinder and many more.

Coryell, Jeff (U.S.A.)
Empirical Realist.

D'Elia, Anthony (U.S.A.)
Anthony D'Elia is an award-winning contemporary American realist painter whose works have been reproduced in such diverse publications as The New York Times, American Art Review, North Light Magazine, Manhattan Arts International, and The Washington Post Magazine.

Designer Handbags (U.S.A.)
Shop for designer handbags, jewelry, clothing, shoes and other accessories.

Descoteaux, Joy (U.S.A.)
A realist artist working with oils or soft pastels. She paints with the intention of embedding her love of life in her paintings. She works and teaches in NH, USA, at Spofford Hills Studio and Fine Art Gallery. Subject matter includes landscapes, figurative and still life.

Engelen, Leon (Belgium)
Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.

Fielding, Hal (U.S.A.)
Non-objective abstract art using acrylic paint on canvas and paper by Fine Art Painter Hal Fielding in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gang, Ron (Israel)
A comprehensive exhibit of oils painted in Israel's Negev desert, the artist's home turf. The light, colour and spirit of the land is offered for your aesthetic enjoyment.

Gerasimon, Peter (Australia)
Presents a selection of over seventy works in oils about the Australian commonplace scene. He includes some limited edition prints. Style: Realism/Impressionism.

Houde, Marc (Canada)
Here you will find wolves, grizzly, moose, elk to name only some of the wildlife......Also there are the cowboys!

Ioan Popei (Romania)
I am an artist from Romania. My name is Ioan Popei. This is my personal gallery (Canada)
A handcrafted log home company located in 100 Mile House B.C

Jennings, William Scott (U.S.A.)
A gallery of fine art paintings.

Judy's original artwork (U.S.A.)

Magomed Maksudov representing Russian artists (Canada)
I represent several outstanding Russian artists. You can see their visuals at our site:

Morton, Julia (Canada)
Capture your pet's personality in full colour pastel.

Neiman, Sondra Kay (U.S.A.)
"H'Art of the Beast" is a celebration of the heart and spirit of exotic wildlife in oils. For the whimsical, there's a gallery of "Pixie Doodles", acrylic on wood panels.

Nowosielski, Paul (U.S.A.)
A painter from the Buffalo NY area.

Pickering, Byron (U.S.A.)
An artist living near and inspired by the Oregon Coast.

Picturedraw (U.K.)
Pencil portraits and pastel portrait drawing and painting from your photographs, by one of the uk's most talented artist.

Realistic Wildlife Art & Nature Paintings | Latham Studios (U.S.A.)
Realistic wildlife and nature art by the Lathams - a family of award winning painters. Miniatures, original artwork, and prints of wildlife and nature subjects by wildlife artists Karen, Rebecca, and Bonnie Latham.

Rimfaxe, Esben (Denmark)
Graphic Net Gallery exhibits illustrated ultrashort essays.

Romano, Rick (U.S.A.)
A Virginia Beach artist who has made a living painting and drawing East Coast marine scenes for nearly twenty years. Most of his works center around old beach front homes, cities-by-the-sea, lighthouses, and marine scenes along the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Coast. An avid windsurfer and surfer for over twenty years, Rick is forever inspired by the timeless beauty and power of the sea. His unique style colorfully reflects his passion for the ocean worldwide.

Russian Colours Fine Art Gallery (Russia)
Art of the Soviet Age 1930 - 1990

Russian Painting Collectors Club (Russia)
Russian Oil Paintings of 1930-1990's. Selected works from private collections.

Sanders, Ron (U.S.A.)
Offering traditional fine art oil and watercolor paintings of landscape, portrait, and romantic figurative subjects.

Seaton, Paul (U.K.)
Still life paintings. A mature British artist known for his realism style.

The Studio of Nature Artists

Tachi, Katsuo (Japan)
Contemporary Art.

Taylor, Neil (Australia)
Ocean and other landscapes showing strength and talent.

Teck, Jill (U.K.)
Visual Artist, Sculptor, Author, Therapist. (U.K.)
Audio conferencing specialist in London, UK. Also full audio visual services.

World Wide Art Resources (U.S.A.)
Committed to provide superior arts information since 1994.

Wuthrich, Susan (Canada)
"The Artist does not see things as they are, but as he is." Susan's art expresses emotions as one views her numerous acrylic and watercolor landscapes, wildlife and nostalgic scenes. Coming from a remote area of Canada, you can feel where she lives and visualize her surroundings.

Xue,Yanqun (Canada)
Oil paintings from a Chinese born artist.

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